Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Shawn Rhoden Acts Like Jay Cutler

Talking about Olympia champions, we imagine strong, hard-working, and very serious people. However, it’s a great pleasure to understand that the best of the best in bodybuilding are finally ordinary people just like us. The recent Fazi Fitness video creation is aimed at proving that all people love the same things.

The current Olympia champion has already amazed everyone with his being stubborn on the way to his goal. However, this time he decided to impress his fans with his sense of humor. It turned out the Shawn Rhoden loves silly jokes and being goofy.

Shawn tried to imitate the way Jay Cutler walk. The resemblance is great and it would be fair to admit that Shawn could become a great actor or a comedian if not his professional sports career!

The greatest thing that the video created by Fazi Fitness shows not only the Rhoden’s joke but also Jay’s reaction to it! It’s definitely something to be watched in the middle of the competing season.

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