Shakira the star

Shakira- a well known name in the Hollywood doesn’t require an introduction. She has been popular among the popular. Her attracting voice and never dismissing charm has always captivated everyone. She has a versatile personality.

Shakira the one and only



The new news buzzing around regarding Shakira is her new song named ” Me Enamore”. This is the song is no less than a hit. She has again rocked the stage by performing  this song in a very different style. The lyrical video is just on the screens. In the video, the “cartoon version” of her is seen. Shakira is dancing as she does her best. This is a classic Bachata song with a twist.
Taking the past performances into the account this is her new solo song after 2014. She has always been spreading romance and love through her songs. This song takes you to a place where you fall in love and starts climbing trees. It is more close to an animated touch. The voice of Shakira adds the fire to every song she performs.

Another major news regarding Shakira is her baby boy Sasha!. He is so adorable to handle. Recently, he has been captured showing his utmost skills in the field of sports. He looks like a little champ. Shakir is so proud of him. Shasha is only 2 years old and seems like he is ready to start his career in sports. He showed some amazing skills in sports and athletics as visible in Shakira’s Instagram clip.

Is Sasha going to follow the trade of his father ?. This question is the heading of media fronts these days. throwing light in this perspective, Shakira’s longtime partner Gerard Pique himself is well known in sports. 30 of his age and he is the professional soccer player. Currently, he is the center back for both FC Barcelona and Spain’s national team. The Little boy Sasha seems to gain guts from his father and it is quite predictable that he will follow the footsteps of his father in the early days.