Earthquake Jolts Sources at the U.S. Geological Survey have declared that the most massive earthquake in decade with a magnitude-7.5 hit most parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India on Monday afternoon.

The epicenter of the Earthquake was the mountainous Hindu Kush region. It is feared that casualties from the Earthquake could possibly rise as we have already got reports of at least 51 people killed in Pakistan and 19 death reports in Afghanistan.

Authorities have asked people to stay outdoors in order to avoid further casualties as aftershocks are expected.

The decade earlier 8th October 2005 earthquake that struck Pakistan Occupied Territory of Kashmir, Hazara and Swat was having a magnitude of 7.6 and just 26km deep. Today’s earthquake fortunately was having a depth of more than 200km and intensity of 7.5 has caused rather less severe and widespread tremors.

Folks in the entire tree capitals had to flee their homes and office buildings as the cities were struck by the tremors.

According to Dr. Abdullah, the Chief Executive of Afghanistan; the region is struck by the most massive earthquake in the recent decades.

The death toll can increased to thousands as reports are still coming from distant parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan about the casualties and loss suffered due to the Earthquake.

In Peshawar, capital of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan, hundreds of people have been rushed to the hospitals that suffered severe injuries.

Our sources have received a tragic news frm Afganistan where at least 12 students were killed in stampede at girl’s school in ‘s Takhar province.

The New Delhi Metro also face a major halt due to severe earthquake jolting the capital.


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