According to police officials, Orlando shooting was done by a Fired ex-employee.

A fired employee shot and executed many people at an Orlando shooting incident, Florida, place of work Monday morning earlier to killing himself, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings says.

In the shooting three males and a female were killed by the shooter, who then killed himself, Demings said. Another man expired at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Demings says, seven people, stay alive inside Fiamma Inc., which makes fixtures for leisure vehicles. The assassin, 45, was dismissed from Fiamma in April. He had a slight police record and no link with any rebellious or terrorist group.

Officers answered to a call about a vigorous shooter at Fiamma off Forsyth Road in Orange County, near Full Sail University, just after 8 a.m., Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings says in a news press conference. Seconds-in-command reaches two minutes later, where they find three men and a woman decease at the site. A fifth individual, a man was rush to the hospital, where he was mark as dead. Seven people last the killing.

Demings says that the apparent shooter, who execute himself, was recognize as a 45-year-old man who had been dismiss from Fiamma Inc., a canopy manufacturing company, back in April. The member of staff had an illicit history “minor in nature,” with detentions for ownership of marijuana and DUI. Officers were call to the workplace back in June 2014 for a “workplace violence incident” in which “he purportedly battle another employee here in the business.”

Police forces are assembling in a parking lot outside several warehouses.

Shelley Adams told journalists she caught from her sister, who is workings at Fiamma and a witness of Orlando shooting was in the powder room when she heard the uproar. She came out and saw somebody lying on the floor. “She says, ‘I saw too much. My boss is dead.”

The FBI is supporting the sheriff’s office, a media affairs representative approves. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is also on the site.

Just about a year ago, Orlando was the location of the nation’s most horrible terror attack later 9/11. On June 12, 2016, a sniper murdered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub.

“Over the past year, the Orlando public has been challenge like never before,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott says in a report Monday. “I will remain in communication with the Orlando law enforcement community throughout the day as more information is made available.”

The killing comes a week before the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub carnage, also in Orlando, where 49 people were seriously shoot by Omar Mateen, an Islamic extremist.