Saturday, July 24, 2021

Seth Feroce Speaks About Overtraining

There are two possible mistakes that stop bodybuilders from developing a great body. The first one is training too little. The second one is training too much. Great sportsmen like Ronnie Coleman or Arnold Schwarzenegger often speak that hard work is the only way to become successful in the sport.

They are 100% right. However, what else is very necessary and important is to take care of one’s health. Overtraining can be the same negative as lack of training is. Moreover, if you are training too hard or too often, there’s a risk to get a serious injury or trauma, to worsen your health or to feel exhausted and unmotivated. These factors can become dangerous obstacles on the way to your success.

Speaking about bodybuilding: good rest, sound sleep, and proper rehabilitation can be as important as hard training or balanced nutrition. While overtraining is a negative factor, many popular sportsmen have faced it.

All of them have a different attitude towards overtraining. Some say it shall never happen and try to avoid it with all possible means. Others say it’s just ok and don’t pay much attention to it. Finally, there are people like Seth Feroce who understand that overtraining is a part of any sports career and are looking for the best possible way to cope with it.

Seth Feroce is a veteran of the sport. He has started his sports career many years ago and surely knows what overtraining is. However, Seth says it’s not something to be really worried about. The experienced sportsman decided to create a video where he can share what he thinks about overtraining and its common reasons.

Moreover, Feroce shared some of the tips that helped him to stay on the top and to keep his physique really great.

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