Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sergio Oliva Jr. Is Back And Ready To Compete At The 2020 Arnold Classic

Sergio Oliva Jr. inherited his father’s charisma and love for bodybuilding. Being a son of one of the greatest champions means to stay in his shadow forever. However, Sergio Oliva Jr. is not the one who will be satisfied with that. Facing the huge pressure of people’s expectations and the disturbing attention of media, Sergio managed to stand face up even in the hardest times. He has built an impressive ripped body and solid reputation as one of the world’s best bodybuilders.

After lots of victories and great achievements, Sergio decided he needed some extra rest and stopped competing for a while. He also used this time to upgrade his physique and to amaze the sports society with his new massive look. While some fans of the sportsman were worried as such a long break could be a sign of the end of Sergio’s career, now there is no doubt, the bodybuilder is back and ready to compete in 2020.

Following the tradition of his father, Oliva Jr. is concentrated on winning the Arnold Classic contest. The sportsman has already been officially qualified and accepted for the upcoming contest. “I wanted to wait till I was good enough to honor the return of the Oliva/Schwarzenegger names being together again and 2020 is that time.”. – the sportsman wrote in his Instagram, explaining the reason for his absence.


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