Sergio Oliva Jr. Hospitalized Due to Severe Pain

Son of legendary Sergio Oliva is now suffering from severe pain. Doctors think such a condition may be a serious threat to the sportsman’s health. Sergio is hospitalized. He feels bad. Yet he decided to share the news with his fans.

Another painful news shocked the sports society. Insiders of the Oliva family informed that Sergio Oliva Jr. was hospitalized. A few days after Sergio Oliva Jr. managed to explain to his fans what happened, sharing an Instagram post.

Sergio has severe nerve pain. He confessed it was not the worst diagnosis in his life, yet he had never felt such a strong pain. “Worse pain I’ve ever been in in my life” – the bodybuilder wrote. Despite the bad health condition, Sergio stays positive and motivated.

He said he was attacked with the messages on his social accounts. That’s why he decided to share some details about his health and treatment. While the sportsman feels bad, no surgery or long-lasting treatment is needed.

Sergio explained that his pain appeared after sleeping in the wrong position. He was not injured and didn’t get any trauma recently. That’s why he has a strong hope to be ok soon. He plans to come back to training as soon as his doctor allows him.

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