Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia, 37 and unbelievable with his skills. He is on of the best players golf could ever have. Being a professional golf player he plays for PGA tour and European tour. With a splendid history of the glory of 20 international tournaments, he is the best himself.

He has added a golden feather to his career by winning the Masters at Augusta playing against Rose. This is the best victory he can have in 2017. It was a nick to nick game. They had a tie and then let the playoffs to decide who is the real man. Sergio was really very panicked and confused about this game and he won the title after 74th attempt. He yet proved himself best of the best

When he won the game who was his opponent right there?. None other than “Rose”. He and Rose have been playing against each other since they were teenagers. They become a friend because of this professional rivalary. Rose and Sergio Garcia have always shown a great sense of sportsmanship.

The news buzzing around the screens were Sergio shouldn’t win this game. These comments make him a little worried. As it is narrated that even the best of the best players got shivered at such a moments. He was a bit concerned regarding his career. But at last, he proved himself to be the best player golf could ever have. With this major win, he disappointed all the haters hailing himself to another step of success.

He was so happy that his eyes had that visible spark. He knew that he made it. He knew that he ahs been through the worst of the times. The best moment came when the winner of the last year Danny Willet congratulated him by helping him with his green jacket. From one champion to another. It was a golden moment for everyone.


Sergia Garcia
Sergio Garcia and Danny Willet

It was a major win for him. He said,  ” I was calm very calm”. This showed his attitude towards the game. While he was hailed with the green jacket Rose was disappointed at another close miss. But it’s a game someone has to win and the other has to lose. Finally, all the roars at Augusta were in his favor. When he hold the trophy he had a big smile on his face, he looked at the sky and wag his finger towards the heaven. He looked like a true champion.

Another point to be mentioned here is the presence of his fiancee Angela Akin. Media used to say that Sergio Garcia’s relationship with Akin has a lot to do with this victory. She ahs always been a support to him. She wrote inspirational quotes for him and use to encourage him when he was in the hours of depression. This victory has proved that this relationship is now being useful for him as well as his career.