Serena Williams
Serena William Flaunting her baby bump.

Serena Williams shows off her baby bump on snap chat.

In the last week of December there was news of Serena Williams being engaged to the Reddit creator, she is again in the news and internet is going crazy. People are astonished to know that she is pregnant because she was flaunting a flat stomach in her posts and appearances in last few weeks.

Serena Williams, the athlete is engaged to the reddit creator Alexis Ohanian,

33 years old. She announced her engagement news in a poem. Later on Wednesday she posted her photo while flaunting a baby bump with caption of ’20 weeks’ she was wearing a yellow swim suit in the photo and then she deleted the photo after a couple of minutes. That indicates that she is actually pregnant

Serena Williams’s representative confirmed the news.

Later Serena Williams’s representative confirmed the newsof her being pregnant and expecting her baby in fall 2017 that apparently means that she was 8weeks pregnant when she was playing the 23rd time Grand Slam, her pregnancy was lucky for her. She hasn’t being playing after Serena Williams defeated her sister and winning the years major tournament , citing that she has a knee injury, but the Madrid open is expecting her on 5th May.

Ohanian and Serena Williams have been dating for 15 months before getting engaged. They are also planning for their wedding says Venus Williams. The Tech Giant proposed to her in Rome.

Serena Williams has been championing the world tennis from 2002 and six years in total duration of her career. She will be back to world’s No. 1 in next week; Serena Williams’s fiancé is a big fan and a great supporter of her sports and has been watching her matches since long. In this age of 35 years most of the tennis players are retired but Serena Williams still dominates the world ranking.

In one of Serena Williams’s interview when she was asked about a baby she said: “I definitely want to have kids one day. That’s always something I’ve wanted as long as I could remember. And the older I get, the more I’m like; ‘I’m too young!’. “Hopefully I’ll be able to mature one of these days, get serious, and at least have them pretty fast.”

Serena Williams, the sports woman is the highest paid female in the world. Her fans are speculating that her pregnancy is due near to the Beyonce’.