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Japan has been quite eminent for its innovations and contemporary adaptations. To compliment this trend in music the all-feminine band ‘Scandal’ rocks the ground with absolute melodious tones and tracks. SCANDAL’s “YELLOW”, is the most recent album from this female –based group. This album is the seventh in the studio album series released by Scandal.

With the passage of times the team members have shown complete growth towards the mellowness which is significantly displayed in their upcoming album Yellow. The album has grouped, assorted tracks  to heighten the standard of rock music in  yellow. The band entails four members naming Mami, Haruna Tomomi and Rina.

The tracks and sound:

The initiation of the tracks beats profoundly via “Room no. 7”, stepping ahead with  delving melodies of  “Stamp!”, sisters and “Sunday Drive” you can’t be saved from the enchanting  rays of “Morning Sun”, “Chiisana Honoo” and the smooth, tropical “LOVE”, .The albums offer full treat with fun tracks like “Konya we Pizza Party” and “Your song” in English.


“YELLOW” from SCANDAL will be released on March 2nd in USA. The 13-track album is an entirely self-produced album, and will be on the rampage in the UK and Europe on 11 March 2016 through JPU Records, just prior the band’s tenth anniversary and second world tour, will be available in three editions; CD, MP3 and as a limited CD addition with t-shirt package.

The most prominent and unique feature of the group is their all female voice and hot personalities which is an uncommon attitude in Japan. Inspire of such a glamorous benefit, the band girls harmonious talent is not less than any pro as they know how to sing. Play and perform. This fun loving team is now armed to break the stage with their latest rhythmic sound tracks r in Yellow. Luckily, all six of Scandal’s studio albums have enjoyed the top five positions in the national album charts and are delightfully welcomed abroad.

YELLOW  is not pale in any sense as  SCANDAL’ girls have generated intensity through their vocal peaks. It’s the trendy upbeat pop genre amalgamated with punk and ska. The  two singles: Sisters and Stamp had already created their space b y resting as weekly toppers in Japanese Oricon list. Whether it’s their theme song from DVD Chiisana Honou, or an English version of Your Song from album HELLO WORLD, The album is a refined example of rocky fine tunings. SCANDAL album provokes positivity. It could be a musical relief in stressed surroundings as the lyrics are youthful and encouraging to haul out simple bliss from life.

The Tracks Listing:

01. Room No.7
02. Stamp!
04. Morning sun
05. Sunday Drive
06. Konyawa Pizza Party
07. Heaven na Kibun
09. LOVE
10. Sisters
11. Happy Birthday
12. Chiisana Honoo
13. You’re Song -English

All Songs are available in iTunes



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