And so the maestro strikes back with something exceptional. The awe-inspiring game developers, Nintendo are set to release their highly adored and acclaimed Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is set to release in Europe on 4th December. The game will be available to play in English and fans in North America would also have their favorite games on their consoles soon. The date for Australian release has been confirmed as 10th December. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is also set for release in Japan on December 4th.

The game has already stolen the show with its widespread buzz and lot has been expected from the amazing development of AlphaDream. The mesmerizing developers already have so many feathers in its cap and Mario & Luigi series has been their true identity. Expectations are so many and the elements and characters from the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series would obviously be an amazing offering that fans would cheer about.

Although the basic game mechanics will be the same like the previous versions still fans would control Mario and Luigi with the A and B button. The coolest part of this version is that Paper Mario has been added and which will add a new flavor to this game.

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