(Courtesy : Androidcentral)

Well, the release of Nexus 6P was always on the cards and that is why the expectations were truly above all levels. Here, it would be interesting to note that Nexus 6P smartphone would be having the most recent Android 6.0 Marshmallow and thus proud of being the most up to date smartphone.

Although the best smartphones i.e., Nexus 5X were being released by Google, the most anticipated cellphone of the year i.e., Nexus 6P was still to be released. Although, the company has not shared any kind of information about the release date, however, the good news is that Google through its official web page has decided to process all the current pre-orders not only for Nexus 5X but also Nexus 6P.

With the processing of all pre-orders on September 29th, interesting news to know is that all the pre orders has an estimated ship date of leaving the warehouse within 4-5 weeks. By keeping this information in view, we can easily comprehend that the expected release date of Nexus 6P would be the end of October. However, no confirmation has come from the Google side in regard to an actual date of release.

The coolest thing about Google is that it won’t actually charge users who pre-order and withdraw the price of the phone unless and until the phone gets shipped. Moreover, some users have complained about an early temporary charge as well, however, soon to be is going to figure it out. In addition, the best thing about Google is that they make online pre-orders pretty easy and convenient.


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