(Credits : techgadgetcentral.com)

The worldwide anticipation about Samsung Galaxy S7 is reached to new extremes and that is why we are receiving updates about this enchanting flagship smartphone every now and then. Although, there were rumors that the South Korean Electronics giant is soon to announce the release-date of this phone, but, until these words reach to you comprehension, we are absolutely not been informed about this expected happening.

Witnessing the insane craze attached with this smartphone, we can say that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is going to be the best ever smartphone released in this flagship. It was announce by the company earlier that the phone would be released somewhere around spring 2016, however, there are also rumors about its early release.

Something that is truly shocking and interesting for the fans and experts alike is that the company is stepping into Tizen phenomenon and hopefully the flagship with technology would come up soon. For the moment, it is expected that Galaxy S7 might first one in this regard to be based on Tizen technology and Samsung is planning to say pip pip to Android with Samsung Galaxy S7. Although, it would be extremely difficult for Tizen to recognize itself in the already saturated market, still, with Samsung Galaxy S7 on its back, everything can be expected.  Another buzz about Samsung S7 is that Galaxy S7 would be having a Snapdragon 820 processor that is most probably going to make this phone an awe-inspiring one. Let’s see how Samsung Galaxy S7 turn out to be the marvelous offering like its predecessors.


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