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Fossil is known for elegance, style and class. Through their mesmerizing offers, the company has made some mind-blowingly enchanting effect on its customers and that is why the brand has been a household name. The Android Wear Fossil watch is a new offering that has been produced with Android and will make things more amazing for the fans.

As far as the specifications are concerned, the Fossil has promised to bring the best smart watch to the market. Moreover, the awesome Fossil Q Founder has been designed to make the classic stainless steel Fossil watch model with water resistant screen and also IP67 certifications. Moreover, the dust and water proof abilities have made this the hottest item to be sold.

The coolest thing about this watch is the Intel made processor that has 4GB of storage and also a 400mAh battery. Moreover, the Fossil Q Founder is expected to take smart watches to new horizons.

As far as the price is concerned, the Android Wear Fossil smart watch has a price of $295 and would be compatible with any Android phone and also a a Bluetooth connection and Android 4.4 OS. Overall, the smart watch is the best one and is expected to get high acclaim.

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