Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3

But despite being the renowned contender against said Apple products, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was a no-show at the IFA 2016. The event lasted for five days and still no appearances were made.

According to GSM Arena, Samsung made an announcement on their Colombian website regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It was due to be launched at the annual IFA event last September 2 in Berlin, Germany. The Tab S series is widely known to be one of the most pocket-friendly, high-performance tablets out in the market today. Samsung even confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 would accompany the launch of the most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at the IFA 2016. That post was later on deleted so that Samsung could make an official announcement.

Despite these reports and confirmations, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was swept under the rug during the event. Instead, the Samsung’s home technology and the Gear S3 was made into the focal point of the press conference. The Korean tech giant broadcasted two new variants of the Gear S3: the Classic and the Frontier, following their forerunner, the Gear S2.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was said to be produced in 8.0 inch and 9.7-inch versions. It will carry a more robust system which includes 3GB RAM and a high-performance processor. It will also include an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. Sources say that Samsung would also reduce its physical weight and size with an inclusion of an Adreno 510 GPU for a superior graphic display. Experts have also mentioned adding in an AMOLED display, said Mobile & Apps. Not to mention the 2048p resolution, a Snapdragon 652 processor, a 32GB internal storage that’s expandable up to 128GB via microSD, and a 4000 mAh battery. The new Tab S3 will also come with the newer versions of Doze, Now on Tap, Android Play, and the Google Browser.

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