iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy Note 7
(Credits : Youtube)

This year, like every other year, big tech companies have released their flagship phones to hopefully best one another in terms of design, specifications and what not. One of the biggest companies to clash are Samsung vs. Apple.

As for the big phones, many tech fans are of course wondering which of these new flagship phones is the best, is it the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or the contented from the opposite camp, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus? Here we will break down each phone to help tech fans on their decision.

In terms of Design, the iPhone 7 Plus of course has features that are no present in its smaller counterpart the iPhone 7. Overall the phone has nearly the same design as some of the previous models though it is water resistant, it is not entirely waterproof enough to throw into a pool for underwater selfies. Plus let us not forget the absence of the headphone jack.

In the other camp, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, it is hard to keep ignoring the fact that it did combust in flames at some point, and there was global recall that occurred to keep the exploding batteries to from harming users. Either way, Samsung is known for topping the ranks of Big Phones yearly.

As for the Display, both phones have a massive display to offer, the Note 7 is very functional as it has curved sides to provide a better display and less screen distortion. In this aspect, the iPhone 7 Plus might not be able to outflank the Galaxy Note 7, though it has been enhanced in terms of brightness and sharpness.

In terms of storage capacity, we all know that Samsung will have to 65GB internal memory but with the option to expand it using an external memory chip, while the iPhone family will have storage capacities tied to how much the person is willing to spend ,storage starts from 64GB to 245GB.

For selfie lovers out there, the camera quality is, of course, a huge deciding factor. In this aspect, Apple has done a splendid job with the camera of their flagship big phone as it offers two sensors, one f/1.8 28mm wide angle lens, and f/2.8 56mm telephoto lens. While Samsung Note 7 offers users a 12MP camera with a stabilized f/1.7 lens that has proven to do well in low light.


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