Samsung Refuses To Reimburse Note 7
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As if Samsung hasn’t added enough fuel to the fire already after failing at providing a fire-free replacement batch, causing them to totally discontinue the Galaxy Note 7, they are now even refusing to provide proper reimbursement or compensation to those affected by their faulty model

It is a fact that there have been damages brought by the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7, and since it is a known model issue, most believe that Samsung has to be held liable. There are reports, however, that state that the giant refuses to do such. A report from The Guardian mentions at least three people who are victims of the faulty Note 7 and are being denied compensation.

One of which is John Barwick from Marion, Illinois. It seems that his wife’s Galaxy Note 7 exploded on September 8 which awoke him in the wee hours of the night because of his now burning nightstand. The fire then spread to the furniture, bed, curtains and carpets, all in all, the repairs would cost about $9,000. Needless to say, Samsung has put these people’s lives in danger as well. 45 minutes after the incident, Barwick reported what happened to the company and was told that Samsung would call them back in 24 hours. That promise was not fulfilled which led Barwick to call them again and even sent an email with pictures of the now crispy Galaxy Note 7.

Barwick later received a call from Samsung’s Insurance Company, Fire, and Marine and was told that the company will not be shouldering any replacement costs, but instead will pay a depreciated value for the damaged goods.

“It seemed that Samsung’s priority was retrieving that phone. I told them I’d be more than happy to allow them to inspect it to ensure the claim was authentic but I wasn’t going to give over custody until everything was made good.”

Another similar incident is that of Wesley Hartzog, a firefighter from South California. Hartzog left his phone charging in his garage when it started to burst into flames and damage his house. The incident damaged his water heater, electrical wiring, motorcycle, lawnmower and bicycles too.

Samsung note 7(Photo by Wesley Hartzog)

According to Hartzog, a Samsung official told him that he will be moved to a hotel and be given free meals. “But the next day Samsung Fire & Marine insurance called me and said it wasn’t going to happen. I feel that was really unprofessional,” he said. Later it was said that Hartzog is now in a temporary condo with his family paid by Samsung.

Amidst all the ruckus, CPSC is still investigating this huge issue with Samsung’s device. “That is putting their own safety at risk and just as importantly they are putting the safety of others at risk. This is a serious hazard and they should take it seriously,”


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