The latest buzz has ignited the discussion regarding Galaxy S7 and Samsung. Although, it was on the cards for Samsung to have a new OS from Android, still, the unexpected announcement of featuring Tizen in galaxy S7 has sparked the phenomenon even more. so much expectations were already attached with Samsung galaxy S7 and with Tizen OS featuring, Galaxy S7 can turn out to be the best smartphone in the history of Samsung.

As far as the release is concerned, Samsung authorities have confirmed that the awe-inspiring phone would be released in spring 2016 and thus fans are already waiting desperately for this phone to come. Samsung Galaxy S7 being the trend-setter to feature Tizen.

Most of the critics are viewing at this phenomenon not from a broader point of view and saying that it would be difficult for Tizen to recognize itself among Android, iOS and others. However, if it is featuring in a giant mobile phone such as Samsung Galaxy S7, we can expect that this can be the best phenomenon we were looking for. Furthermore, the inclusion of Snapdragon 820 processor would also make things pretty amazing for the phone. One thing is for sure that Samsung Galaxy S7 would be something fans would love to have with them.



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