Samsung Galaxy Note 7

On Friday, the South Korean multinational company opened up about a fault involving the new Galaxy Note 7’s battery, They said that they now need to stop further sales of this phone all around the world. They said that they are going to recollect and replace or change the phones already sold to their customers. Phones had been on display for sale for just two weeks, and already 2.5 million phones had been sold worldwide.

This incident, recollections and replacement of phones already sold, has come at a very hair-splitting time for Samsung, it has happened just before the unveiling of Apple’s new IPhone. If this problem with the phone’s battery continues, Samsung will lose its momentum that it has gained over the past few months. The Galaxy Note 7 had a very active and friendly reception on its release along with the Gear S3 smartwatch at the IFA trade show which took place this week; it seemed like Samsung was on the road to getting its swagger back.

IDC Analyst Tay Xiaohan gave his view on this incident and said that this is a major casualty that Samsung has to face, and it will have adverse effects on Samsung’s image and the degree of damage completely depends on upon how Samsung tackle this issue.

There were 35 separate reports internationally that Samsung referred to as “issues with the battery”. Steps are being taken by Samsung and its suppliers to wipe out these infected batteries in the market.

There have been recent reports that the South Korean media have raised about people posting images on social media of their Galaxy Note 7 devices burnt, exploded or overheated.

Over the next few weeks, Samsung has no choice other than to replace these devices “voluntarily”. No further details are known yet.


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