Samsung Galaxy S8
(Credits : Galaxys8info)

The recent Samsung Galaxy S7 almost succeeds in meeting the consumers’ demand and expectation level.It is hoped that the next flagship series Galaxy S8 will be a huge success.The markets analysts have commented that analyzing the previous launch date it may be expected that Samsung Galaxy S8 is due in March 2017. Nowadays smartphone market is easy to predict.With the blessing of technology, we get to know what processors, modems, and camera technology will be available for Samsung to utilize ahead of next year’s Galaxy S8.It is rumored in the market that some of the likely Galaxy S8 features include Qualm’s Snapdragon 830 chip, a massive 1/1.7 image sensor, and a hi-res 4k/UHD display, Cvvbp.

This cannot be said for sure until it is announced or launched in the market.This is just a guess or a rumor.As we know Android is an open operating system, there is always room for modification and improvement.That’s what Samsung is doing earnestly.

Samsung is also going to launch five flagship devices in 2017, according to recent rumors. One of those is tipped to be a foldable Galaxy X, but familiar entries look likely to think the Galaxy S8 Edge, and Galaxy Note 8.

Nevertheless, we’re a long way from the Galaxy S8 release, so the phone remains a relative mystery for now. We can now only wait for Samsung better to come the market to meet up the consumers ‘expectations and demand. Waiting is something good.



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