samsung galaxy s8
(Image: Digital Spy)

A recent rumor suggested a possible solution for Samsung to save face after the huge loss in sales after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, and it is to release the Samsung Galaxy S8 earlier, however, will that be the case for the tech giant? Releasing the Samsung Galaxy S8 earlier will actually help Samsung battle Apple’s iPhone 7 better and can make up for whatever was lost in terms of sales and credibility, though multiple reports are now saying that it will not be happening.

According to a Twitter user @Ricciolo1 who usually posts spot on details about unreleased devices says that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unleashed on February 26, 2017 , a day before the MWC 2017 starts in Barcelona, Spain. Of course, for now, it is way too early for the company to be announcing it and sending invites to their launch event, but if history repeats itself, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched on the same event where Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 were.

While another report from The Korea Herald somewhat agrees to the idea above, saying that Samsung will now to anything as rash as an early release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 because it usually comes on Match every year.

According to an official site, “Samsung is making parts orders for the Galaxy S8. Several new, more expensive components are expected to be used,”

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is thought to be bringing in some iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 features in their new flagship phone.

Herald later added that: “Samsung’s parts suppliers are already taking orders for the production of dual-lens cameras that greatly upgrade camera functions to match the quality of DSLR cameras,”

Moreover, the new Samsung flagship phone is said to have new chips under its hood including a built in 10nm process technology, and a next-gen Exynos processor and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 830.


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