Samsung Galaxy S8
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The undying effort to somewhat save face from the recent flame bursting Galaxy Note 7 disaster, by Samsung can’t help to be noticed by the people. Whereas it all seemed to have started when one of the senior officials actually leaked core data to tech rivals from China. It is not all bad as something good has come out of this leaking incident.

Though it is undeniable unknown as to how the sources got their hands on ongoing court documents regarding the case with the senior official responsible for the leak, it is still something fans cannot ignore. According to the leak, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date may very well be on February 2017. It is also indicated that may be the first to have a deca-core chipset and 10nm Exynos processor. This part of the leak is highly possible since the chipmaker, MediaTek has already introduced a ten-core processor during a recent tech event.

According to Android Authority, there isn’t much of a significant difference between the 10nm Exynos and the Exynos 8895. Though one thing is for possible, the Galaxy S8 could very well have double the speed that Galaxy S7 had. Another thing to look forward to other than the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming about is the leak regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 having the ARM Mali-G71 which is about 20 percent more efficient compared to what its fire-prone predecessor had.

Gamers will surely rejoice since the Samsung Galaxy S8 display is said to have improved, now that it is equipped with the ARM Mali-G71, it might as well be ready to cater to the fan demand to have 4K support and an overall better gaming experience.

This senior official from Samsung definitely caused a lot of fuss as those leaks from unverified court documents spread, especially indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date could be as soon as February 2017.

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