Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7

The rumours about the launching of the Apple’s stunning product, iPhone 7 are spreading across the world. it has been predicted that it is going to be launched in current year. The iPhone lovers will have to wait for some time for this product as they are so much curious about the new and unique features which have been included in the new phone. It is still unknown whether the Apple will release iPhone 7 only or iPhone 7 plus will also be released just like Apple’s previous version. It is obvious that it will be having some very advanced technology in it and will be distinctive from other Smartphone around the globe Samsung galaxy 7 vs. iPhone 7

Finally Samsung has released the new make of the galaxy series, the Samsung galaxy 7 on 21st February. The phone had been in rumors since a long time. The launch of the phone has proved that the rumors were correct to some extent. iPhone 7 is still on road to the launch. The exact release date of this phone is not sure however, it is predicted that this winters will be proud to have the release of iPhone 7. However, it has also been observed that Apple has released the previous versions of iPhone in September. So, it is expected to be launched in September as well.

Samsung and Apple are great competitors and they have been trying to move one step ahead. Both phones come in great prices and specs however, the difference is there. Samsung believes in big screens with high resolutions while Apple has never gone above the 5 inches. Galaxy 7 has been released with the screen size of 5.1 inches and resolution of 2560×1440 pixels while iPhone 7 is expected to have the screen of 4.7 inches with same screen resolution as galaxy 7.

iPhone has surpassed galaxy in terms of internal storage. The phone has the internal storage of 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB as well. while galaxy 7 has 32GB only however, the external card is also supported in galaxy 7 unlike iPhone. Apple phones had 16GB internal memory which was somehow not enough. Thanks to Apple for bringing the best improvement in terms of memory.

Samsung has not disclosed the CPU performance and specs at the time of launch however, it is said that it has improved the CPU performance by 30% and 64% of the speed enhancement has also been seen in this phone. Heat sinks with the processor have added something to the phone. iPhone 7 has come with remarkable A10 mobile chip set which is proved to be the fastest processor. The greatest power of the processor of Apple is the alarming situation for the Samsung.

Samsung has made a big improvement in its battery. The battery with bigger size and capacity is going to make the Samsung the king of hearts. The battery details of iPhone 7 are still unknown. The major problem which iPhone 7 users faced was the battery problem. So, iPhone had to make improvement in battery in order to grab the market.

Galaxy has used 16MP camera with an outstanding front camera of 5MP. High quality images and camera pixels can be expected from Apple as it has never made any compromise on its image performance. It is said that the galaxy 7 has not improved the pixels in camera but Samsung seems to put the best efforts in bringing the newness in other areas of hardware which will provide the users with the high quality imaging.


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