Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7
(Credits : Youtube)

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the company has to do something to make up for all the losses, especially the damage that has been done to their credibility in the eyes of the people. There are reports that state that the company is now focusing on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and there will be discounts provided to those who owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With all the issues surrounding the brand today, many are expecting that the company will cook up something spectacular to make up for their recent fiasco.

However, there is yet to be an official statement regarding the development of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its release date is yet to be known.  There are several reports that suggest that the new phone will be out by 2017. With regard to the discount, it is said that those who have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while it was still in the market can opt to swap it with either the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge and they will only have to pay half the price of the Galaxy S7 to get either the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This move by Samsung is to encourage people to surrender their faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones to avoid any further damage that the phone may cause, the company would also like to ensure people that as they are working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s development that they would be focusing on the safety issues of the device to avoid another repeat of the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.


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