Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7
(Credits : Youtube)

Earlier this week, Samsung was driven to totally discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 as it turned out to be nothing but a disappointment, if anything else, a danger. A danger for having a fire hazard, even after the global recall and replacement batch. In the first place, why was it combusting? Below are several theories that may answer that.

First off, Samsung has yet to give any explanation as to why both the original and replacement phones were having battery issues. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) helped Samsung with the Global recall and it was found that the batteries made by Samsung SDI were not a good match with the phone. It seems that the batteries were a bit too big for the phone, having them inside would damage the corner of the battery which leads to short circuiting and eventually a fire due to overheating. After the global recall, Samsung switched to China’s Amprex Technology in hopes to somehow make up for the hazard and inconvenience the fiasco caused, however even the second batch were faulty too.

Another possible reason is the fast charging feature that the phone has. Financial Times stated that the problems came from the tweaks that had been done to the processor in order to make the fast charging feature possible.

Lastly, it could also be the design to blame. Samsung boasted about the Galaxy Note 7’s beautiful curved design, but this could have actually put more pressure onto the battery than it should which caused a short circuit and overheating that lead to a fire.

It is indeed a sad time for Samsung to finally raise the white flag for their Galaxy Note 7 which they had high hopes for.


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