Samsung Galaxy C9 Release Date
(Image : Youtube)

Several reports suggest that Samsung will be coming up with the successor for Galaxy C7 that will most likely be named Galaxy C9. There was a teaser posted on a Chinese website Weibo that hints that the Korean company will be focusing on the Galaxy C9.

As per NDTV’s Gadget 360, there were details revealed about the new smartphone and what features and specification it may possibly have to offer. According to the leak, there Galaxy C9 will have a full HD 6-inch display and an octa-core Qualcomm clocked at 1.4 GHz plus 6GB RAM. It’s worth mentioning that Samsung had the idea to implement the 6GB RAM in the Galaxy Note 7 only for China, however, it did not happen and the 4 GB was implemented instead.

As for the cameras, the Galaxy C9 is expected to have a 16MP primary camera and a 16MP secondary camera as well. This will definitely be a big factor that will affect the phone’s performance the market. Moreover, the phone will have an LED flash. The battery will be a 4,000 mAH and there is also an upgraded fingerprint scanner installed on the unit.

Fans who have an eye on this unit are waiting for Samsung’s official announcement about it especially if the phone will be released worldwide or exclusive only or China.

If we would compare the C7 and the upcoming C9, the latter is quite bigger with a 6-inch screen while the C7 only sports a 5.7-inch display but both are equipped with AMOLED. As for the ram, the C7 has 4GB while the C9 may have a whopping 6GB RAM. The main advantage of the Galaxy C9 over its soon to be predecessor is the camera it carries which are both 16MP for the front and rear cameras since the Galaxy C& has 16MP on the rear and only 6MP.


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