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Sairat is yet another love story among many presented by Bollywood. However, the story is accompanied by many breezy soft soundtracks. The movie is gaining attention due to its beautiful songs that are composed by Ajay Atul at Hollywood. The music is following western musical arrangement and combination of Marathi style with the mood of symphonies is fantastic. The music is composed to convey folk style of Marathi in addition to giving space for modernism.

Its song ‘Yad Lagla’, ‘Aattach bayaka’, ‘Sairatj halaji’ and ‘Sairat’ are heart taking and mind blowing. The songs are playing major part in its marketing campaign. Name of Ajay Atul as music director has promised the success of its soundtracks and this is what public is conforming.

But music makes just one part of the movie. This movie moves around the cast system of Indian society. Despite claiming herself a secular country, India is still suffering from its biggest disease i.e, cast system. The higher casts treat lower classes as a different race. They treat them badly. Even the quota system for different casts portrays the inequality with which lower classes suffer within the boundaries of India.

Another message from this movie is feminism. The film is showing the heroin as not just a girl, or woman, who has to follow what a father, or brother or even a boyfriend, is wanting. Rather she is bold enough to think about her future and take decisions on her own. She is independent and daring. She can take risks and own these risks. As a commute to college, she rides a Enfield Bullet. She feels easy in driving tractor. She uses arms and courageous enough to rescue her boyfriend from police detention. This film brings many controversies about the cast system and patriarchy prevailing in the said society.

Story :

As said earlier, the story is based on love of a young couple that starts from college age.The story in based in rural Maharashtra.The hero of the film belongs to lower class and despite his talents he doesn’t think himself up to standards of higher class girl, Sairat. Sairat, who is bold and doesn’t believe in cast system, initiates the love story. Later, when the couple’s love story becomes public they move to a big city to live their life happily. But the story doesn’t end here. Indian cast system is so deep rooted, that it,at last, found them amongst the busy life of urban area. With this exposure the movie moves to a surprising climax.


Watch the trailer to know more about the film.

Cast :

  • Starring
  • Rinku Rajguru
  • Akash Thosar
  • Director
  • Nagraj Popatrao Manjule
  • Producer
  • Nittin Keni
  • Nikhil Sane
  • Nagraj Manjule

Release Date : February 2016


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