Swedish city Stockholm; the safest place on earth is not safe anymore as gunshots are fired, hijacked truck rams into shoppers!

Earlier today at 3pm a very sad incident happened that shook not only Stockholm and whole of Sweden but in fact took the whole Europe by storm.

After Russia and Syria it is now Swedish city Stockholm which has become the new victim of terrorism earlier today when gun shots were heard and a truck rammed in to a shop killing around 10 people and injuring many.

According to the Swedish intelligence agency Sapo; attack on Friday, April 7, 2017 was nothing but a terror attack on a very peaceful city.


Spokesperson for Swedish Intelligence agency Sapo has condemned this attack and did not give an exact figure of the causalities or the injured, according to her it was clearly an act of terrorism from the coward.

Stefan Lofven; Swedish Prime Minister has also condemned the attack and paid condolences to the families of the victims.

This heinous act of terrorism took place near a departmental store named as Ahlens, pictures have surfaced in which a large sized and blue colored truck is seen closing towards the store and rams in to the shoppers, taking the lives of innocent people.

Where did the attack take place?

The terror attack most probably intended to target the busiest area of Stockholm, Drottninggatan which is a pedestrian street and is located near the central subway station in Stockholm.

Pictures have emerged of the deadly scene where the crowd and police gathered around the area of the incident and thick fogs of smoke were seen emerging from the truck that rammed in to the departmental store known as Ahlens.

The area was flooded with ambulances and the whole scene was very unsightly as police vans and ambulances gathered around the area of incident, people were forced to rush back to their homes due to terror of being targeted again by such terrorist attack as the streets of Sweden were not safe anymore.

With Helicopters hovering, ambulances and police vans gathered around the area it created such a disturbing scene for the masses.

Where did the Truck come from?

The truck was from the manufacturers Spendrups and according to an eye witness and the spokesperson for the automobile manufacturer, during delivery to a restaurant the truck was stolen and then used for this heinous crime.

Not only the city’s peace was disrupted but the traffic was blocked too as this act of terrorism according to major speculations was intended to be carried out on Stockholm’s Central station which is the hub of the city and God forbid if it was attacked it would certainly result in large number of causalities.

This is the third terrorist attack this week globally actually fourth since America’s strategy to counter terrorism in Syria is itself an act of terrorism.

What does this say about the world we live in?

Are you leaping towards WW3, what is your say on this?