'Safe Neighborhood' Movie Review

In a quiet residential street, a childminder must be a 12 year old boy to defend against invaders, only to find it is far from a raid normal abode.

'Safe Neighborhood' Movie Review

Best as home only Funny Games Michael Haneke, Comedy Sadistic Horror Barrio Seguro is the kind of film meets which is hard to classify but easy to enjoy, especially when you watch teenagers as they are very twisted things to season holidays.

Book and director: Chris Peckover, whose first film came, undocumented immigrants, was released in 2011 by IFC Midnight, Polish, very retro style of the 80s film fan is facing a blond child girl – played by the guest star Olivia DeJonge – against a cruel murderer , The way cratif you can imagine is not necessarily that you think it is. After the premiere at the Fantastic Film Festival Austin, with stations in Turin and Paris, the film has been competing to see festival pills released by films B and VOD platforms, followed.

During the first 30 minutes or so, secure neighborhood serves as a generic mash-up instead of holiday film and horror – Silent Night, Deadly Night, Anyone? – Ashley Beauty School (DeJonge) watch early Luke 12 (Levi Miller, who played Peter Pan in the unhappy), while her parents go to Saint’s Eve. Usual fights: Ashley fight phone with her friend (Alexis Mikic), or someone who does not order a pizza and Luke steals a bottle of champagne drunk enough to put for him the movement as a guardian.

But things quickly go south when someone sneaks into the house and shouts to a few episodes of style screams, causing the public to believe that this is another bloody history of surviving innocent children against a faced masked killer cold-blooded. Think again. Despite the expectations for various reasons, the Peckover scenario (from a story by Zack Kahn) starts an important base of the hole, making it difficult to fully believe what’s happening on the screen – although this is less funny, a little bit Blood and intestines or color can be used as a lethal weapon.

DeJonge is a perfect American girl who, after a quiet evening through the Julklotz spend planning, wind hit, felt bound in band and much worse. Also, it seems to be surprising what happens when you wondered if there is any kind of joke or real thing child (which obviously did not see the movie Hanekes). Miller is scary but pretty enough to hang something like Lucas despite a highly questionable behavior during Ed Oxenbould (also about the visit) as a nerd friend who stays for a little too long in the house.

Almost entirely within the action put it into intelligent stage, and makes fine use of various household items, including flashlight required, kitchen knives and lawn mowers (but not how to think). Peckover has adequate liquid tomato sauce for fans of Gore not feel unsuccessful, especially in the last act, although the score employs Brian Cachia to hit what feels too optimistic notes. But perhaps it is this point: for the safe neighborhoods to make a night of Christmas joy and make the patient’s behavior show. The grinch finally needs the film.

Safe Neighborhood‘ Movie Paris Fantastic Fest 2016 Description :

Directed : Chris Peckover
Produced : Sidonie Abbene, Brion Hambel, Paul Jensen, Brett Thornquest
Cast : Virginia Madsen, Dacre Montgomery, Patrick Warburton, Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould
Edited : julie-Anne De Ruvo
Distributed : Lionsgate
Venue : Paris International Fantastic Film Festival