Overwatch Player
(Image : kraalit.com)

The shooter of the Blizzard team Overwatch is a game which is designed around heroic moments. It gives the player an opportunity to sacrifice for its kill counts, glory, characters for the greater good which will then be immortalized in the signature of the match which is ‘Play of the Game’ moment shown to each participant at the end when the dust has settled.

Many times in the game this highlight of the rush of extreme brutal takedowns is completed in succession to push a team over the finish line but it is rare if it is something else like the kind of sacrifice the player would reserve for moving the audience to tears moments of a big budget blockbuster. It is just a matter of time that just one hero rises to the occasion just to make the noblest sacrifice in the video game history just to allow his team to get a victory.

You are what you choose to be.

A replay was submitted on Reddit in which a player was using the Mad Max inspired character which the Roadhog employed to his special movie also a chain hook which allows the player to yank his enemies out of safety and teal their chances of winning by different ways. The player plays does just like the enemy D.Va who is a character who much suit doubles and powerful explosives soar high up into the sky. The Roadhog fastens to the D.Va mech and then pulls it into the Ilios gaping hole. And then, he commemorates his achievement by covering one of the most devastating scenes in the childhood animation industry. In overwatch, it is not about how many enemies you fell but about what lengths you are willing to go to find your friends further this is all you have to remember.


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