Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook, the 38 year old point guard has been paying for Oklahoma City Thunder since 2008 and he is on a spree, spree for setting records for scoring the most triple doubles in a match. Setting a new record he has shattered all the previous ones.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

I swear what a night it was, truly magical!

We all know that Russell Brook is unstoppable but he knew he would trash all the records and will score the most triple doubles in one night. What a night, I repeat what a night!

The mighty 6 feet 3 inches tall player, weighing 200lbs has many accolades to his name and last night he scored a new one under his name.

He is undoubtedly the king of the stadium, best in the business and certainly relentless. He is an inevitable storm and there is no stopping him.

The match was between Oklahoma City Thunders and Orlando Magic and Russell Westbrook made it sure that he scored an overtime triumph over Orlando Magic by rallying a win of 114-108 points.

Russell Westbrook snatched his 38th triple-double of this season he joined James Harden this season as he became the only player in NBA history to score multiple 50 point triple-doubles in one season, making him the unmatchable best player in the history of NBA.

The finish was epic and jaw dropping, I have never seen a player in such a fit state and on such a winning spree, and he finished with a 57 point score hence shooting highest triple-doubles in history of NBA.

Now he stands first as the king of the court, second being James Harden as both have scored multiple triple doubles in a single season.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook leading with 57 points and James Harden at the second spot by scoring 53 points in a single season.

This is unbelievable; I mean what does this guy eat for breakfast? Whoa what a score, what a progress, Russell Westbrook has nailed this season with his mighty performance last night. Russell Westbrooks now has only one legend to surpass. Just three more sets and he will surpass Oscar Robertson’s 41 set record of 1961-1962.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has to surpass Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 75 career triple-doubles by scoring three more sets; he will then break all the records becoming the unbeatable and unstoppable legend.

It takes not only courage and patience but sheer amount of hard work to become a player one of his kind; Russell Westbrook. It only takes players like him to make such a great comeback in a game that is a long lost cause. God knows how he did it? But I certainly cannot stop praising him for making Oklahoma City Thunders triumphant against Orlando Magic. This is the greatest comeback any team has ever made in the history of NBA. Oklahoma City Thunders scored a total of 30 points in the final quarter, 19 of which were scored by Russell Westbrook.

Oklahoma City thunders were trailing at 21 points in the second half and this was the first time in NBA history that they made such a huge leap by overcoming the two digit deficit in the final and last quarter.

Westbrook, the mighty player scored back to back points for Oklahoma City Thunders even the 3 pointer when only 7.1 seconds were left o the clock.

Westbrook scored 86% of his team’s points hence becoming the torchbearer to his team’s success.

He also named one more record under his name by breaking a tie with famous NBA player Kevin Durant and scoring most 40+ point games of this season. Russell Westbrook, 6 feet 3 inches tall mighty NBA player scored his 15th game of the season.

No more accolades to score, Russell Westbrook has won our hearts with his amazing performance in this season, leading Oklahoma City Thunders to the top and writing a huge win under their name against The Orlando Magic.

Russell Westbrook is only 28 years old and is undoubtedly the best player to watch out this season and in the upcoming seasons. He has not only shocked mates from his rival team Orlando Magic but also all of his fans.

I swear, everyone in the stadium was chanting his name and shouting for him to shoot more. It was like a festival out there where everyone was praising him for his unbeatable and unquestionable performance.

We wish Russell Westbrook much more luck in the upcoming seasons so he can keep shocking us with his powerful action packed performance. It is not an everyday happening that a player can be so flawless in court and witch such grace I tell you.

All hail to Russell Westbrook, the king of court.