With iPhone 6s and 6s Plus stealing the show, an insane amount of craze and hip is witnessed for the next phablet of this amazing and hot cake flagship. With experts plunging into the rumor phenomena for iPhone 7, the hip has reached to new extremes. The latest buzz that has turn out to be word on the street is that Apple is considering to completely redesign the phablet and if not then a major change in design would be witnessed. Now, let’s see what it turns out to be,

Another rumor that has turned out to be good news in many capacities is the introduction of 3D Touch. This inspiring feature would lead the way to say adios to the iPhone’s home button. Moreover, it is also expected that the additional space that is left in the latest designs would be fill up by the screen in iPhone 7.

Apple has been pretty choosy about the material used in iPhone and that is why after such a long range of experiments, the company is finally gearing up to use sapphire crystals in iPhone 7. The introduction of sapphire clearly means that iPhone would be the first phablet in the market that will bid adieu to the glass completely.

The experts are also of the opinion that Apple would most likely move the Touch ID sensor into the side of the phone and thus lining up with Sony’s Xperia range instead of Nexus 5X and 6P. The protagonists of this view are of the opinion that this feature would enable the users to unlock their iPhones on a surface and there will be no need to pick the phone up.

Although, rumors are so many, the fact remains that iPhone 7 would turn out to be the best phablet that you ever see.


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