It’s hard to be good at everything. If you are great at bodybuilding, it’s more likely you won’t be the same good at something else. This rule definitely doesn’t work for Ronnie Coleman who has already proved he was good enough for nearly everything.

The greatest bodybuilder of the Modern Era left the Olympia stage years ago. Today Ronnie is busy recovering after his numerous surgeries. However, he still finds an opportunity to make bodybuilding a big part of his life. Now the sportsman is celebrating his return to training and spends 5 days a week working out with weights.

That’s a great victory after more than six months of a strict ban on lifting any weights. Nevertheless, even when Ronnie can’t lift any weights, it doesn’t mean that he can’t think about them. Coleman used the time of his retirement to write a biographical book with lots of incredible recommendations and professional secrets.

The sports legend decided he had what to say and shared his victorious philosophy and some rare facts about his personal life and career. Ronnie who dedicated his life to sport is surprisingly an excellent writer and a storyteller.

Recently, Coleman presented his book at the Olympia expo and was happy to see how many people were interested in buying it. Now Ronnie has even more reasons to be glad as all books he prepared for Amazon were sold out incredibly fast. These days Ronnie is getting ready with a new portion of books for online sale. Moreover, the sportsman sends his book with an original autograph to everyone who orders his biography via his personal email.



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