Friday, April 16, 2021

Ronnie Coleman Will Be Able To Walk

Ronnie Coleman is an example of how bodybuilding can bring a great success and a great trouble. The former eight-time champion, the sports legend, and icon left the professional Olympia stage not due to his own desire but due to an awful disease. Hard training and everyday work combined with an insane ambition and motivation pushed him behind any limits. He used to be called ‘a monster’ and ‘more than a human’.

However, there was something else that was standing behind great fame and crazy success. Coleman’s back was simply destroyed by enormous weights and non-stop training regime. The latest decade of his life has become a dark side of the professional sport. He has been fighting an awful disease that keeps turning the sportsman’s life into a hell with massive pains and often surgeries.

This year Coleman has had three serious surgeries. He underwent the latest one a few weeks ago. In around 14 days after the surgery, Coleman was already in the gym. His doctors forbid him any strength training. However, a man that dedicated a huge part of his life to sports and exercising couldn’t imagine his routine without some activity.

Coleman and close members of his family informed that the operation was successful. They all hoped soon Ronnie would be able to come back to his everyday routine and spend the rest of his life without pains and disturbing medical manipulations. Coleman got lots of support and warm words from an army of his fans who were truly happy to hear good news about the bodybuilding star.

However, soon after the good news, some disturbing rumors appeared. Some said there’s a possibility that Coleman could not walk or even stand on his legs. The sportsman verified that it could be true in some of his interviews. He told it was too early to be sure about the information but no doctor could give him a guaranty he could ever be back on his feet again.

A few days after the interview, Vlad Yudin the director and a close person to Ronnie Coleman informed the sportsman’s fans that the information was outdated. Ronnie is able to walk and he may be back on his feet very soon. Fans of the sportsman can be happy and breath a sigh of relief.

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