Ronnie Coleman Shows His New Unusual Reward: Bodybuilding Legend Shares Some Touching Family Moments

Ronnie Coleman has become a unique phenomenon in bodybuilding. The living legend crashed old sports standards and set new levels for today’s athletes. Sadly, Coleman is out of the competition. He’s been fighting the life-threatening disease for more than a decade. There are no chances to come back, yet there are people who will always think Ronnie is the best. Coleman showed an unusual award that no one else has.

Ronnie Coleman was once a living symbol of success. Insanely strong and goal-oriented, he managed to win Olympia 8 times! While his fans admired the muscle beast, the dangerous disease was destroying his spine, health, life, and career. The unbeaten champion had to leave the stage quite early. Still looking like an absolute Olympia king, Ronnie had to cancel the life he always dreamed about.

In the last decade, Coleman has survived a dozen surgeries. He can never be sure that his disease will stop progressing. Yet even under the great pressure of his health disaster, he tries to stay fit. Almost every day of the former champion starts with physical activity. He has already returned to working with weights and is trying to move on.

The legendary bodybuilder confesses he misses the pro-stage, the spirit of the competition, and his victories. All he can do now is to accept the fact, he will never be able to take the throne again.

 Yet there’s still a place for some amazing moments!

Together with his wife, Coleman is the parent of 8 children. The sportsman says that they are his endless source of inspiration. In order to make Ronnie feel the taste of the victory again, his family prepared an unusual surprise.

Ronnie’s kids presented the Best Dad Bod golden trophy to the ex-champion. It was very touching and supportive. Coleman reacted with great happiness. “ I thought I was wasting away and getting fat. Now I know I have The Best Dad Bod because I have the trophy to prove it”, – he wrote on his Instagram.

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