Ronnie Coleman Shows How Devotion to the Sport Looks

Name of Ronnie Coleman is known to everyone who is interested in bodybuilding. Moreover, even those who are not, have heard his name at least once in a lifetime. It seems like there are a very few people who don’t know who Ronnie Coleman is.

There’s no doubt that Ronnie is a living legend and, perhaps, a symbol of bodybuilding of the modern era. Ronnie left the Olympia rush more than a decade ago, however, he is still as famous and popular as he was being at the top of his career. You can visit any sports site, blog or a sports magazine, be sure – Ronnie is there.

Coleman’s story is really unique. His success and popularity have never been a result of any manipulations. The sportsman has never tried to act like somebody else, he has always been himself. No hype, no scandals, only hard work and fair victories – this is the strategy that made Ronnie Coleman an idol for several generations of sportsmen.

Many bodybuilding fans got interested in the sport after Ronnie left the stage. They may think that the most outstanding thing about the bodybuilder is his truly impressive physique. However, what may be even more impressive is the sportsman’s attitude towards training and the sport itself.

If another professional sportsman says that the sport is his life, we can think it’s nothing but words. However, in the case of Ronnie, no one has even the slightest doubt that Coleman’s life is impossible without training.

Now, after his tenth surgery, Ronnie Coleman is back to the gym. Doctors forbid him to lift any weight, however, that can’t be a reason for Coleman to stop training. Ronnie keeps doing light exercises and some cardio. It helps him to lose stomach fat. Unfortunately, now this is the only activity that is allowed to the sports legend.

However, what is really impressive, is the confession of the sportsman that he has never missed a workout when he had a chance to go to a gym. Recently Ronnie posted a video on his Instagram, showing his Christmas training. The bodybuilder told that holidays, no matter how important and popular they are, have never been a reason for missing another workout.

When thinking about the reasons why Ronnie Coleman became great, you can list his excellent genetics, great coaches or even steroids. However, the first and the most important thing that helped Coleman on his way to the top was his ability to work super hard and to be devoted to the way he chose.

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