Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ronnie Coleman Keeps Training His Legs After 12 Surgeries

Ronnie Coleman has always been a real muscle beast with the incredible power of both his body and his mind. The latest decade has been especially challenging for the sportsman. Coleman has undergone 12 major surgeries.

Scary diagnosis, severe daily pains, dangerous surgeries, and weeks in hospitals, – nothing from these things could break the living legend of bodybuilding. Ronnie’s fans got great proofs, that the former king of Olympia is cool not only at the Olympia stage but also on a hospital bed, fighting his disease.

Unfortunately, Ronnie can never come back to the professional sport. Moreover, there’s a risk that his disease will progress. In such a case, Ronnie won’t be able to walk or even sit. However, the sportsman prefers thinking about positive things.

No matter how hard the life situation is, Ronnie can always find a reason to smile and to say a joke, cheering his fans up. The sportsman makes everyone wonder, coming back to a gym as soon as his doctors allow him some minimal activity. Several months ago Ronnie was allowed to make simple exercises for the upper part of his body. Doctors banned him from lifting any weights.

Today, it’s easy to see the progress, watching some of the latest videos of the sportsman. Coleman is training his legs and he is using weights for that! This can only mean that the greatest bodybuilder of the modern era is on his way to recovery. We hope that soon Ronnie will manage to come back to a normal life without everyday pains and lots of limitations.

Check how the legend trains in one of his latest videos posted below.

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Trying my best to get back in shape. Legs are tiny these days but that doesn’t stop me from trying to get them bigger. 12 spine surgeries has me down but not out. Once a champion, always a champion. It’s all about mindset. My record and my stats alone are enough for me to throw in the towel. But stats has nothing to do with wanting to be in shape, wanting to look good, wanting to be good, no matter what. I know I don’t have nothing to prove. But like I said, I wanna look good, I wanna be in great shape, I wanna look like I still compete, I wanna walk again. This is why I still train, I do it because I still love it so I will probably do it till I die. God knows I don’t want to die in the gym but if that happens, God Bless me. Once again it’s on like a marijuana bong. Yeah Buddy!!

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