Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ronnie Coleman Checked How He Gonna Look at 86 y.o.

Bodybuilding fans admire Ronnie for his incredible physique and perfect proportions, however, all people of the word regardless of their interests and preferences admire him for the power of his will. Undergoing dozens of surgeries and still suffering from pain, Ronnie keeps being cheerful and always ready to joke.

The sportsman was banned from training for 6 months after his latest surgery. No one could even predict whether he would be back on his feet again. Such a situation could become a serious reason for depression for anyone. However, Ronnie knows a special secret to stay strong even in the worth cases.

Now, the incredible bodybuilder is back to training. He works out 5 times in a week, dedicating weekends to curing his old traumas and recovering. Seeing Coleman training with weights again is a real wonder. No doubts, his doctor did a great job, however, there was something else, making the sports legend surviving more than a decade of pain and suffering.

Perhaps, the special secret of Coleman’s recovery is his love for life. He always finds time to his family, friends and he’s always ready to check some new things, especially if these things can make him smile.

Ronnie is not missing a chance to try the hyping FaceApp. He was too curious to know how he may look at his 86. Looks like Coleman is happy with the result, sharing his picture with Instagram followers. This star granddad is still looking strong and ready to go to a gym.


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