Ronnie Coleman is Back to Training

Ronnie Coleman is more than a human. The real sports legend has finished his career a decade ago. When this great sportsman was leaving the Olympia stage, only a few people knew what was the real reason for that. The bodybuilder with a bright career and long way from last Olympia competitor to top world sportsman in bodybuilding gave up because of his serious disease.

Coleman has an awful problem with his back. All years after his leave he has been fighting for a right to live normally without massive pain being his everyday routine. The sportsman went through many unsuccessful medical operations, keeping his spirit high and always having a cheerful smile on his face. This year Coleman has already had three serious surgeries. Fortunately, the latest operation has given him a chance for a normal life.

Ronnie had to spend around a week in a hospital after the surgery. The process of complete rehabilitation will take much longer and may take up to several years. However, nothing, including strong pains and scary risks, is able to destroy Ronnie’s love for the sport. The bodybuilder came back to gym two weeks after the operation.

Now his training is maximally light and should not last for a long time. He is more concentrated on cardio exercises, however, he’s planning to make his training routine harder, adding some strength elements soon.

Coleman’s fans and family members are supporting him and wondering how strong his character and determination is. Ronnie has won Mr. Olympia title several times. However, now it looks like he’s about to win his most serious competition ever, fighting his disease down. The operation gives this brilliant 54-years-old sportsman a chance to do what he really loves doing – to come back to his hard training routine and active life.

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