Saturday, May 8, 2021

Ronnie Coleman Is Back To Training 5 Times a Week

Ronnie Coleman is a real legend and a motivation for everyone. This bodybuilding monster used to have an insanely muscled body that became a golden standard for today’s bodybuilding. However, only now when he’s out of the competition, we can understand what was the real secret of his success.

Coleman has undergone dozens of surgeries since the official end of his career. The latest decade of his life is associated with a painful battle for life. He suffers from a severe back disease. Coleman’s spine is almost destroyed.

The only reason Ronnie keeps walking is the great work of his doctors and, as he believes, a blessing of God. Nevertheless, Coleman goes to a gym almost every day. No doubts, Ronnie has great genetics. But would it be fair to call it the main reason for his success after we see how strong his will is?

Last year was full of unwilling stresses for Coleman. He had several major surgeries and a bad injury. A few months before, Ronnie’s doctor banned him from training, allowing light cardio exercises several times a week. Now, after a number of medical checks, Ronnie is back to training with weights.

After a six month layoff, Coleman trains 5 days in a week. Two other days are planned for physiotherapy and medical manipulations that will help him to keep recovering. Through all the pain and struggling, this incredible man keeps training like a beast and is definitely an inspiration to every bodybuilder on the planet.


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