Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ronnie Coleman is Back in the Hospital!

Ronnie Coleman is more than just a sportsman, he is a living legend and definitely one of the best bodybuilders in history. Ronnie’s career is an example of the great success that can be hardly repeated.

However, his current life is far not as bright as his professional career. Unfortunately, the latest decade of the sportsman’s life is marked with a serious disease and constant severe pains. Last year Ronnie Coleman had three major surgeries. The latest one that was the most serious and most dangerous one gave hope that the sportsman could be able to continue his life without painful medical manipulations and operations.

Fans of the sportsman celebrated his slow but confident recovery and were happy to hear that Ronnie managed to come back to his training. The sportsman shared some happy moments of his family life and training videos. He was not allowed to work with weight, however, he could make some cardio exercises what was actually a sign of the great success in fighting his health issues.

Unfortunately, the hope of the sportsman was destroyed after a recent medical investigation. Ronnie had to face another painful news. The great sportsman is back to the hospital now. Doctors are preparing him for another surgery that he has to undergo in the nearest days.

The reason that led to a new trauma was a home accident. The surgery is another unpleasant episode in Ronnie’s life. However, doctors say this time it’s going to be not as serious as before and Ronnie has a chance to recover soon.

The sportsman stays cheerful and happy as he usually is. In the hospital, he is surrounded by his family members and loyal friends. Ronnie keeps smiling even in the hardest moments and calms his fans down posting some photos from a hospital.


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