Ronnie Coleman Is Back Home After His Latest Surgery

Ronnie Coleman has suffered a lot since the time he got a very serious back disease and left the professional sport. The latest decade of his life is marked with more than 10 surgeries and many different medical manipulations.

Some months ago Ronnie had a major surgery that gave the sportsman a great hope for recovery. Coleman planned to come back to his favorite things like training and traveling after some months of intensive rehabilitation. Both the sportsman and his doctor hoped that surgery could become the last one.

However, about a week ago, Ronnie got a trauma at home that led to hospitalization. Sportsman had severe and constant pain. Doctors told that the only way to fix that is to undergo another unplanned surgery.

The news made a lot of sports fans worried and sad again. However, Coleman managed to stay cheerful and smiling. His friends and family members surrounded him in hospital, trying to support and entertain Ronnie.

Now, Ronnie Coleman is back home. The surgery was successful. However, this time Ronnie is not in a hurry to call it ‘the last one’. The sportsman keeps joking and sharing social posts, telling about his current state.

Ronnie told that the surgery became an unexpected obstacle on the way to his recovery. Now he needs to postpone some activities and, surely, his rehabilitation will take longer than it was planned before. However, Coleman also admitted that the surgery helped him to feel better. Now the pain is almost gone and he can concentrate on more pleasant things.



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