Ronnie Coleman Is Back On His Feet Again


Ronnie Coleman is an object of great attention. These days Coleman is recovering after a serious surgery that became the 10th operation of the sportsman. The bodybuilding legend is suffering from a severe back disease that became a reason for the end of Coleman’s successful carrier in bodybuilding.

Being out of stage for almost a decade, Ronnie Coleman still stays an example of strong will and unbreakable spirit. His loyal fans watch the story of another Coleman’s competition that may turn out to be much more serious than Olympia. Latest years of Coleman’s life are marked with his health problems. This time the sportsman is competing with his progressing disease, trying to win a chance for normal life.

Ronnie shares his story, posting news in his Instagram account. Just a few days ago Coleman prepared for his 10th surgery, making the whole sports community worried. However, in a couple of days, Ronnie demonstrates his good mood and makes his first steps after the 10th surgery.

The sportsman told that the operation was successful. Coleman has a great hope that this surgery will become last and will give him a chance to return to routine life. Currently, the sportsman stays in the hospital. However, soon he will be allowed to come back home. The exact prognosis of Coleman’s health will only be possible after full recovery.

The video of the sportsman’s first steps was posted in his Instagram account.

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Two days after surgery and it’s a miracle that I can walk. Normally I’m on my way to rehab so they can help me to learn to walk again. This is the best I’ve felt after my last 3 surgeries. God is truly blessing me this time around because he know that I definitely need the inspiration because lately I’ve been semi-depressed after all my surgeries. This is so amazing and I know some of you guys praying for me has a lot to do with this. I’m really in a state of shock because after the same results after the same surgery you kinda get use to being not able to walk and come to expect it. Thanks to each and everyone who prayed because it honestly and truly worked this time. God knows me way better than I know me and I’m overwhelmed with excitement and enjoyment. I am so much looking forward to seeing the day where no crutches or walkers is required. Hopefully that day comes sooner rather than later. #yeahbuddy #lightweightbaby #itstillaintnothingbutapeanut

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