Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ronnie Coleman is 55! The Sports Legend Has Celebrated His Birthday

It’s hard to name someone more popular and successful than Ronnie Coleman. At least, you won’t find anyone else who won the Olympia contest 8 times.

Ronnie came to the sport being young and now he is celebrating his 55th birthday surrounded by his friends and family members.

Coleman is a really unique character in the sport. Once, he came to the Olympia stage, being a complete newbie. He only managed to take last places, however, he never loved to give up.

Soon the sportsman impressed the whole world with his incredible physique and unbelievable power of will. Coleman managed to win the Olympia contest 8 times and he would win it again if not some serious health issues.

Unfortunately, the sportsman had to stop competing because of severe back pains. Now, the former competing bodybuilder and the living legend is staying home with his family and recovering after his latest surgery.

Coleman has a huge army of fans who call him G.O.A.T. in bodybuilding and are happy to celebrate his birthday as a very special date for the sport!

“When you actually realize your 4 year old daughter is actually a big ass kid. Just holding her here kinda felt like I was holding a baby. Then my wife showed me this picture and suddenly I realized after seeing it, she’s really a big girl. And to top it off today being my birthday turning 55, I also realized I’m an old ass man. Never did I ever think I’d live to see this day. I guess that’s the way life is when you live it one day at a time. Seems like just a few weeks ago I was thirty something years old. I guess that old adage about time flies when you’re having fun really applies here.” (Instagram, Ronnie Coleman, @ronniecoleman8)

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