Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Roelly Winklaar Posted a Message to His Fans After 2019 Arnold Classic

Roelly Winklaar is one of the most interesting participants of 2019 Arnold Classic. Winning it once, he had a great hope to finish the competition being a winner this year as well.

If you check Roelly’s Instagram, you may see how much work was dedicated to getting the victory. Moreover, you will see great photos and loud posts telling he was going to be the next champion.

Just a year ago Roelly became third during Mr. Olympia and has worked hard on his shape since that time. Surely, his fans expected Roelly showing a great result at 2019 Arnold Classic as well.

Unfortunately for Roelly, he managed to become only fifth this year. Speaking honestly, his shape was far from perfect and it’s definitely not the thing that was expected. This has become a huge disappointment for Roelly’s fans and followers and a big question ‘WHY’ for many sports fans.

Winklaar decided not to leave his fans guessing what happened and shared a message on his Instagram to explain and to say sorry about the situation. Roelly told that he could not train as hard as usually due to health issues.

The sportsman suffered from a knee pain that could be a result of an injury. Some common treatment didn’t make any change and he had to undergo painful knee surgery. The operation was successful, however, it forced Roelly to exercise less and in a lighter mode.

In addition, Roelly had food poisoning just a few weeks before the competition. This happened when Winklaar traveled to Nepal for a posing show and a meeting with his fans and friends.

Why has Roelly never told about this before? The sportsman explained his silence with having no habit to make excuses when he prepared for the contest.

Roelly Winklaar is not a sportsman who can deny his goals quickly. His loss didn’t stop his desire to win the competition. Roelly promised his fans to come back stronger and to try again next year.

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