Thursday, February 20, 2020

Roelly Winklaar Is Not Slowing Down: The Sportsman Looks Competition-Ready Two Months After Olympia

Roelly Winklaar is one of the most strong-willed bodybuilders who is ready to spend hours in a gym to improve his physique. Making his way counting on hard work and 100% devotion only, Roelly won the hearts of fans worldwide. However, being famous is not the only aim of the bodybuilder, he dreams to win the bodybuilding crown as well.

It’s hard to call Roelly a loser as he stays one of the top bodybuilders on the planed today. Nevertheless, reading his Instagram it’s easy to notice how much he has been missing the great victories in recent years. Roelly is eager to wear the Olympia crown, turning his body into a huge muscle-machine. Year after a year we witness Roelly’s improvement, his veins getting more and more visible

Unfortunately, despite an insanely high level of motivation and enthusiasm, the sportsman didn’t manage to win this year. But this fact can’t hold the bodybuilder down. It looks like he only became more motivated and inspired after the 2019 Olympia. While most of his colleagues are slowing down and taking some rest, Winklaar is already back to the hard work and looks ready to compete.

The recent update of Winklaar’s physique made his fans truly excited. The sportsman confessed he kept dieting and training all year round as he thought it’s more difficult to fight your bad habits if you let them develop during the offseason. Roelly is definitely a great example for sportsmen who are dreaming to build a successful career in bodybuilding or any other sport.


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