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After the success of such Bollywood movies like force or Drishyam now Nishikant Kamat is making the remake of Korean movie “The man from nowhere”. Rocky handsome is the powerful and most awaiting movie for this year which has a pretty star cast. Nishikant Kamat is also well-known for making a good remake of any movie. So let’s see what he wants to say.

In rocky handsome John Abraham is playing the lead role with Shurti Hassan. The whole story of this movie revolves around that man who wants to take revenge of his daughter’s death and fight against the drug mafia. This emotional film shows that the strong relationship between father and daughter. This story is about the mystery man, who is attached to the little girl. We can just say that this after getting the Trivia of this movie that has based on an action movie. The child star Diya also playing the main role in this film. In this movie, you will see the top action and john Abraham doing some daring stunts which are the perfect justification of his talent. All the stunts and deadly actions in this movie will definitely is the big reason of fans interest. I am sure this movie gives break through his (John Abraham) career in the peak of his aim. This thriller and official remake film expected more by its fans as they are the witnesses of emotional statements. The action movie also has the over-romantic music with the gorgeous heroine (Shurti Hassan). We do not know what you expect from that music but still confident that we have the great entertainment. However this film is full of emotions and with the light touch of romance, this will be the best movie ever. All songs are composed by ensemble music. So let’s see what the hardcore lyrics and dialogues of the commercially safe movie. And we hope you must like the trailer and story of this movie.


The action and suspenseful story have many ups and downs of protagonist life. Rocky handsome shows the strong relation between the hero and the child. The little girl said him (the protagonist) handsome man and it is a very cute relation between them. And Rocky (John Abraham) want to save this girl from drug mafia. So this movie is the big real life of a hero. Overall the impressive story has the great emotional touch for their viewers.


In the trailer, you will see that John shows his muscular body and to get his funny name rocky handsome. You can see the trailer of this movie here.

Star Cast:

If you we talk about the cast all have done a great job and justify their real role in this film.

  • John Abraham (Rocky and Kabir)
  • Shurthi Hassan (Rukshida)
  • Nathalia Kaur
  • Kazu Patrick Tang (Atilla)
  • Sharad Kelkar
  • Diya Chalwad
  • Director: Nishikant Kamat
  • Producers: Sunir Khetrapal, John Abraham

Release date:

Rocky handsome has released on March 25th, 2016 so now get your tickets.


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