It’s not a secret that any celebrity needs to work hard to stay fit and to have an excellent body. However, if you combine a career in show business and professional bodybuilding training, you have to work twice harder.

Despite the fact that The Rock has never taken part in high-level professional competitions like Mr. Olympia or similar, he is strongly associated with the sport. If you check actor’s training videos, you may notice that he works almost as hard as any of Olympia champions.

Moreover, The Rock is very interested in bodybuilding, visiting lots of competitions and the sport’s events, communicating with sportsmen and coaches.

It would be wrong to call The Rock a professional sportsman, however, he has done so much for the sports popularization and promotion that his training videos always cause interest of bodybuilders and fitness fans.

Dwayne Johnson (the real name of The Rock) often shares some of his training secrets and training videos with his fans on social media. He openly speaks about his nutrition, supplements, favorite and most effective exercises.

Just a few days ago Johnson shared a picture of his weekly cheat meal. This time, Dwayne decided to reveal another part of his training routine – his hard work in the gym.

Fans of The Rock including those who dedicated their professional life to bodybuilding and strength sports were impressed by the level of The Rock’s motivation and intensity of his training.

A lot of people mentioned that they admire Dwayne’s ability to manage his life in order to have a great physique and to be a successful actor and a show star. That’s hard to imagine how the actor combines sports diet, regular sleep and successful career in Hollywood!



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