Rockband VR
(Image: Roadtovr)

Harmonix’s Rock Band VR has been getting positive feedback since it’s unveiling, and the team is hard at work to make this virtual reality music game feel like the real thing. Harmonix’s Rock Band VR is, in fact, the newest virtual reality game to hit the market of gamers, this new game doesn’t only give players an opportunity to feel like playing in a real live musical extravaganza, it also feels like being in an actual music fest! For real! The game is said to be able to trigger real-life emotions such as stage fright and panic attacks which are said to happen a lot in Harmonix’s Rock Band VR.

Harmonix’s Rock Band VR will give even newbies and your everyday Joe to who have yet to feel the thrill of virtual reality gaming, by throwing them in the middle of their very own mini concert. Harmonix’s Rock Band VR can be played anywhere, anywhere with electricity and internet of course.

Another thing to look forward to in Rock Band VR is that the game will use PS4 and Xbox One guitar controllers, giving players the ability to join each other and play alongside fellow Rock Band VR fans on an online stage!

Rock Band VR will be letting players perform live on stage with a virtual audience. This makes the game a whole lot harder as compared to how it was before, getting perfect combos could be a tad bit harder when you are facing a real live virtual audience. Imagine that audience booing you, wouldn’t that make you miss a few more chords than you’ve already had. The game will surely be fun to play, and it will also be fun to watch someone play, as players have this solid tendency to act like a music superstar when everything just gets too real while in-game.


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