Robby Robinson is a sports veteran and a real bodybuilding legend. The sportsman has become a source of motivation and a great role model for several generations of bodybuilders.

Robby is famous not only due to his great victories, numerous champion titles, and active participation in high-level competitions but also because of his books and roles in some popular films.

Now Robby ‘The Black Prince’ Robinson is 72 years-old, however, he is still an active media person and a sports expert. The ex-bodybuilder gives numerous interviews and shares his experience with younger bodybuilders and sportsmen.

Unfortunately, Robby Robinson suffers from sickle cell anemia. The disease is very dangerous and threatening to the sportsman’s life. While Robby is always trying to appear cheerful and strong, some insiders have informed that he has been repeatedly hospitalized due to his health issues.

According to the recent information, now Robby is in the hospital due to severe complications. Doctors say that the only way to help the sportsman is a blood transfusion. And it shall be done as soon as possible.

Robby has inherited his disease from his father who died from uncured sickle cell anemia. That’s why the situation is very difficult and stressful for Robby Robinson.

Unfortunately, the sportsman is not able to cover all spends on the treatment on his own. His friends and family have to ask Robby’s fans and other people to help the sportsman to overcome his disease.

There’s an account on GoFundMe created to fundraise some financial help for the sportsman and to support him and his family.


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